How To Start a Blog : Blogging Guideline-Part 1

How To Start a Blog

I know, there are so many tutorials on how to create a blog, But we keep asking every day how to do it right. Touch a complete guide from scratch and step by step, also suitable for “dummies”. In this guide I have included absolutely everything you need to know from A to Z, to mount a good blog as things should be done in 2016 and upcoming years also. Moreover, this guide is a key document in this blog and, therefore, is constantly improving and updating.

How To Start a Blog
How To Start a Blog

Create quick blog vs professional

Today, creating a blog is easy because you have different options to choose from:

  • The quick and easy route.
  • The professional route, but also a little more laborious.

We’ll see both options, you choose to stay with what. If you want to use this guide to create a blog in five minutes, you can do it, just go to block creation of the blog, run the No. 5 step you can see in the following table of contents and you have your blog running.

Create a blog in 5 minutes is perfect if you have little time, hurry you start, do not want to complicate your life at the moment and want to see some early results right away. However, in the medium term I strongly recommend not to stay there. Believe me when I say that if that is the maximum effort you are willing to invest, your blog project will not go far.

Moreover, although in this post and is an introduction to the topic does generate income with a blog.

How to start a blog with your head!

With cloud platforms like WordPress or Blogger, today, creating a blog is not no mystery, it is extremely easy to create a blog for free supplement and in less than 5 minutes. But creating a blog that works is not a technical issue (this is only the means), but a matter of strategy and vision. It makes no sense to start a blog without setting a course.

Understand me: no one has clear ideas 100% at the beginning, no need to. But the message you want to convey is that you go from day thinking on what is yours that vision and goals for your blog. From there it’s okay to go a few months a little lurching, experimenting, etc. It is normal, even good if you take advantage well. But after a while you have to set the vision of your project, along with specific objectives.

Not doing so means investing many hours of effort on the blog that is not going anywhere and will not work, so the vast majority of beginners bloggers leave, or begin to realize after many months of time and effort they have lost not reflect a number of vital decisions before you start working on your blog. They have made the decision not to work with rigor in the vision of your project and have been lurching all the time to abandon pro frustration and boredom in the absence of results.

Therefore, trust me: do not make that judgment and do your homework before creating the blog. Let us see how this is done:

Think about what niche (s) you want to position

You can start a blog simply because you fancy for personal satisfaction and you do not mind the readership or you can do with a specific objective. There are many possible goals: build a community of readers to that interest your content, boost your career, achieve additional income directly or indirectly or even build a platform that will someday be the main focus of your professional activity.

If you get a goal like these, the first thing it touches is to clarify your ideas on the subject of your blog well and analyze the feasibility of your idea. This provides for a complete and post, but the basics of this analysis is to answer these questions:

  • Is there really a public interested in the subject? Do people performed searches of this? How to big is your potential audience?
  • Write How busy is the niche? Are you able to differentiate yourself from other bloggers?
  • What is the profile of that audience? What are your needs? What more will “hurt”?
  • How can you ease the pain? What is your value contribution?

Now you ask how to answer these questions. Well, luckily there are tools (and free) to help you do so.

One more tip: this information is not an exact science, it is simply information that can separate the wheat from the chaff and will help point you in the right direction. It is a very good direction, but tomatillo as such and not as a sole and absolute discretion for your decisions.

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