How To Setup WordPress General & Permalink Settings?

Wordpress Settings

If there is one thing crucial in shaping WordPress I want to highlight well above everything else, it is to make sure you use the permanent links (permalinks) that are “pretty”, ie, composed of words URLs. For this reason I have differentiated this section of the general configuration comes next.

Permalinks Settings in WordPress

In WordPress.com is no problem, in this version of WordPress permalinks are already set as default and can not be changed, but WordPress.org, for reasons that frankly did not reach understanding, the default option at this time they remain the parameterized URLs.

That is, if you do not change this option, your content will have URLs like the following:


In fact, if you click this URL, you will see that it works effectively leads to a post. But these kinds of URLs that come by default have to change or yes because they have two serious problems:

The use of numbers instead of words in the URL makes unnatural and ugly to stick to a parent.

You will ravage the SEO because they give up one of the most important factors positioning: keywords the URL of the page.

So my recommendation is very simple: in the menu “Settings -> Permalinks” panel Word Press admin, change the default as indicated by “Default” to “Name Entry” like “%post name%”

Wordpress Settings
WordPress Settings

General Settings In WordPress

In the following video you can see how this is done, along with the rest of settings that I recommend for your newly installed blog.

The video is made with WordPress.org, but the process would be identical in configuration WordPress.com except permanent links in this version of Word Press are pre-configured as permanent links.

And as part of global configuration, do not forget to create a gravatar .  As a result, in the comments on your own blog and when you comment on others, a picture of you and not an ugly generic avatar as and you’ve seen in the comments sections of blogs will appear. I highly recommend it for the benefit involved your image as a blogger.

And here I leave you with the video that addresses all important settings you have to do in a newly installed WordPress blog:

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