How to Create Your Blog With WordPress?

How to Create Your Blog With Wordpress?

At this point and taken the above decisions, you are ready to get down to work and create your blog, so let’s move to the technical side of this issue. If your blog is not a simple toy to tinker, but a “serious” project that really going to spend regularly time, either purely personal, hobby, or professional, for the reasons above mentioned, we strongly recommend purchase your own domain , which is also something that comes very cheap .

The best option to buy a domain depends on the version of WordPress you use.

For simplicity I recommend that if you opt for, use your own domain name service WordPress (about 16$ / year approx.). In the case of using you should hire, or in conjunction with your hosting service, or with a specialized provider as domain names Namecheap or GoDaddy .

The simplest option is to hire the domain along with the hosting, even if you manage many sites can be more interesting not to hire along with the hosting because suppliers specialized in domains are management tools more complete, slightly better prices and more comfortable if you change your hosting.

How to Create Your Blog With WordPress?

How to create a blog on

Now you definitely have everything you need to create your blog, so get to work.

In this section we will see if If you had chosen to, skip this step and go directly to the next step: step 6 .

Creating a free blog at process is really very simple, just follow the steps in the following video and in 5 minutes you will have your operating blog:

Buy Hosting (only for

In case you want to use will also lack a server hosting for your blog.

We will recommend two options we work on our projects and for which you have special discounts for our readers:

If you want more value than a plain hosting, It ‘s really a premium  hosting with very affordable rates. Its main advantages  against Hostgator are the quality of its servers . We are members of both customers and suppliers, that means we could get  special prices for our readers :

If you decide to go with (our recommendation No. 1), you can get a 20% (you can add any of your choice shehab vai)discount . To do this click on this link:

Create a blog with

Purchased the hosting, you are ready to create a professional blog with that is more complex because in this case is no longer a simple cloud service in which to open a user account, but you has to download the WordPress application (which is free) and install it yourself in your hosting server.

But do not panic, create a blog with is also nothing to write home and in the following video explains in detail how to create a blog with hosting.

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