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How To Choose Perfect Theme For WordPress Blog?

How To Choose Perfect Theme For Wordpress Blog?

Ease of radically changing the design of Word Press through a simple “plug & play” mechanism as are the issues is one of the key factors that have made this platform in the huge success that it is today. With a change of subject will change immediately the look of your blog at all levels: the general layout, colors, fonts, etc., etc., etc.

But it also has its dark side: there are so many issues (thousands), many free, it is so easy to install and is so fun to play with them that many people spend dozens of hours messing around doing nothing concrete, without focusing truth in choose the theme that best serves them to start with your blog, leaving further aside their most important task in his blog: to create content.

Moreover, each item is different. There are very simple Word Press themes (most free) with just customization possibilities beyond logo and change the background color, and others in which you can configure almost every detail of everything. In addition, there is no common user interface, except in the basic settings, ie, each issue of the complex requires a new learning process.

How To Choose Perfect Theme For WordPress Blog?
Theme For WordPress Blog

Another important tip : do not go running out to buy the first issue that has entered you through the eyes.

I come many inquiries from people frustrated because nothing else made with a hosting have also made an issue of payment and ultimately found that the issue does not allow an easy way to make the adjustments they need.

As you can see, the issue of the issues is not trivial, so, here’s my advice: be very pragmatic about it , try to choose at the beginning as far as possible a topic as it suits your needs, but do not be hesitate. The moment you have a reasonably good choice, stick with it .

At first you will not have a mature thought as to choose the perfect theme, and it will be after a few months, a year or more, when your blog has consolidated minimal. It is then that can really be worth investing a little more effort in selecting your topic and invest money in a subject.

At that time, it is advisable to be a good subject for payment, for example,  Genesis , which is one of the market leaders issues and the issue that migrate shortly in this blog.

However, as I said, every issue is different , each with a different management .Therefore, there is no universal way to teach any subject management. You ‘ll have to learn to handle the specific topic of your choice by following the manufacturer ‘s instructions or find specific tutorials on the net for that particular subject.

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