How To Choose a Domain for Your Blog?

How To Choose a Domain for Your Blog?

The choice of the name of your blog, along with your domain name is another key decision in the process of creating a blog , as hit or will not have a profound impact on your blog. It is a process that has a lot of “art” and which I will now summarize the most important keys , but it deserves at least a post dedicated as I recommend you further down.

How To Choose a Domain for Your Blog?
Choose a Domain

How to Choose a Domain?

  • Although it is obvious, remember that the name of your blog and the name of your domain are closely related. If they cannot be identical attempts, at least that differences are the minimum possible.
  • If you’re serious, having your own domain is not optional. The cost is ridiculous (less than 10 $ / year on sites such as, for example, Namecheap ) and, instead, provides very important benefits, among others, is easier to remember , will convey one more professional image and you have Address of personalized email .
  • In the case of choosing a blog hosting for own, some providers as our main recommendation your affiliate site already include a free domain in the price of hosting.
  • Do not rush to choose these names. Being an important decision as it is, it should meditate well because once you put everything in place under that name and has spent time, is not easy to change your mind.
  • A problem that is likely you encounter is the difficulty of making that decision .Especially if you already have clear the concept and content of your blog, but do not just give the name (very typical situation), you will feel braking and perhaps even somewhat frustrated.

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You can take advantage of this interim well to prepare the ground, for example, to go drafting the first content (if only in Word).
So, when you start your blog and you begin to actively promote not only a sad post have to offer people who visit you, but several, something that will be very convenient because such an empty blog does not convey a good image. The first visits will cost much effort and, therefore, should make a good impression and “amazing” the best possible (ex: making as a subscriber to your mailing list).

Recommended tool to find domain easily

DomainsBot is a simple, fast and powerful tool to find domains. You can enter words and the tool generates combinations, even with synonyms, while check availability.

While composing this content, you keep moving quietly through the niche (other websites, forums, etc.) to go picking ideas and soak up the atmosphere of that niche, which will also help you find your way to a good name.

Though you spend a month or more without launching the blog to the public, absolutely nothing happens, it will be a time well spent if you’re doing the work mentioned.

Strategies to choose your name

To find that perfect name, there are basically three different approaches:
Personal name: In my case, one example might be This approach fits, especially in blogs where the main objective is to strengthen the personal brand of the author around a professional activity. It is an approach that is doing very well in activities where the person is the main protagonist as consulting services or activities lecturer.

Brand Name : This is the case of ( Here it has opted more for the brand, first because it is more sought the “branding” of the site , create a brand and not link the site to both a particular person and, second, because while two we started this blog, makes incoherent direct access to a unique personal brand linkage. This does not mean that the blog does not serve to develop personal brand of both, but in this case does not fit the site name will linked to only one of the two.

Niche Name : This is a very “SEO approach ” that attempts to exploit the weight of keywords in a domain. It may be perfectly compatible with a brand. Normal niche sites names are domain aggressive , very SEO oriented and not very suitable as brand names, names like ” “, “” or “”

As for the type of domain, it is still advisable to get a .com domain, its image and because it seems it is still advantageous to SEO level, although not as much as in the past.

In any case, you should know that SEO topics to be beyond the basic principles (such as the issue of weight you have keywords in a domain) are very elusive since these issues are constantly changing as Google updated its algorithm.
If a name is not available in your .com version, it is not recommended to buy another domain extension (.net, .org, etc.). And if your site is very focused on a specific geographic area, you can raise the domain using the corresponding country (.uk for United Kingdom, .de for Germany, etc.).

If it is not easy to find a name, the fact that many domain names have already been registered complicates things even further. But thankfully, there are tools like DomainsBot to try very fast with many combinations which will help a lot to find those whose names are still available and served.

With the above guidelines you already have a summary of the keys to choose well your name and domain.

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