What is the Best Platform for Your Blog in 2016?

What is the Best Platform for Your Blog in 2016?

How could it be otherwise, the issue of what is the best platform for a blog is a classic debate that today is still active and which does not want to deepen because this is not the place and because we have already entered a background to it in this blog of this thematic series?

So here I will just summarize very quickly the essential points of this issue, along with my personal opinion:

I recommend using WordPress or yes . And therefore, this is the way to follow this guide. WordPress is the world ‘s leading platform , with much distance with the following and it is for something: for being extremely powerful , have tens of thousands of additional third – party products, however, it remains a free product .

You have to know that there are two versions of WordPress with similar user interface. The simplified variant, , which despite being enough to start for most people, is significantly less potent than the variant “full-equipped” which is . In return, is a cloud service free (ie, similar to a Gmail account, for example) that lets you create a blog in less than 5 minutes by opening a simple user account. Otherwise, requires that you purchase your own hosting , unlike is not a single cloud service where you you sign up and go. Although the application of as such is free, the hosting does have a small monthly cost.

Many people alternative arises Blogger from Google. It is a service similar to cloud, very good technically, but I personally do not advise this option , especially, for several reasons : First because it is Google and blogging does not belong to the “core” business of Google, with the risk of closure of this service. But also, this company has indeed shown very little consideration to its users, for example, with the recent and surprising closure of such a popular service like Google Reader , despite massive protests from users . Who says you not do the same with Blogger? Moreover, Blogger is more difficult to migrate to and that, finally, all learning in Blogger in case you want to migrate or forced to see it will become a lost investment.

What is the Best Platform for Your Blog in 2016?

Which of these platform is best for you?

Put simply, the question is this: lean on one or the other option is a matter of value in your particular case which compensates you more.

If you want speed and simplicity of implementation, use, but you must also assume their limitations.

If you want from the beginning the incredible power, flexibility and freedom offered you, then you have to take some more effort for the implementation of, a small economic cost monthly hosting and due to this also linked to greater technical difficulty because you have to make not only the initial installation of WordPress, but also its maintenance.

For that reason, my recommendation clearly is to choose a hosting provider as that not only offer a hosting service without (the vast majority of providers) but also also support WordPress . With this you will have an assisted maintenance will greatly simplify life and significantly improve the health of your blog.

As a general rule, for the vast majority of bloggers will be enough to start with, but sooner or later want to make the leap to

However, if you want something more than a basic blog (eg a blog + online store), it may be more convenient to use from the start.

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